Bairro Alto


Among the oldest districts of Lisbon, stands “Bairro Alto” with its 500 years of history. It is a place of contrasts: during the day, populated by its people of different backgrounds and ages, there are old grocery stores and vintage shops opposed to modern branded stores. It is also a neighborhood devoted to art and culture: here you can visit countless galleries or go to the Theater (do Bairro). By nightfall, take the time to pause to know the beautiful terrace of “Zé dos Bois” Gallery (for more than 20 years this institution presents new talents of visual and performing arts), or listen to Fado somewhere in the neighborhood. At night is when the “Bairro”, as affectionately the locals call it, comes alive. It is a bustle of people walking up and down the streets full of bars and restaurants. Traditional Portuguese cuisine contrasts with some of the city’s most sophisticated restaurants. As for the bars, there are so many that is going to be difficult to choose. When in doubt, do as the locals do. Stay on the street talking loudly and drinking a beer until the neighbors complain. All of this is within a walking distance from our stylish apartments. What are you waiting for? 


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