Top 10 in Lisbon


Today we want to share our Top 10 must see when visiting Lisbon: St. Jorge Castle, the Cathedral and Jerónimos Monastery, Comércio Square and the entire riverfront, the hills and viewpoints, the 28 tram and a Fado show. Last but not least, the 54 Santa Catarina Boutique Aparthotel that offers you spacious and stylish apartments in the most quiet neighborhood in old town Lisbon.   



In Rome, be a Roman. In Lisbon, be a “lisboeta”. To be a local in Lisbon is to enjoy a coffee with a custard tart with cinnamon on top and drink a “ginjinha” on cold days. It is to stroll through Chiado to see the shops. It is to be by the river in communion with the Tagus or wait patiently for the sunset on a belvedere. Join us in this simple and peaceful way of life. We will be more than happy to welcome you! 


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Streets of Lisbon


One of the charms of Lisbon lies in its streets. Narrow, sometimes steep, the streets of the historic center are a tangle of white and small houses, with clothes hanging from the windows, adorned with colorful ornaments or the image of Saint Anthony. They are full of life and warm people who say “Bom dia” (Good morning) to passers-by. Get inspired in this simple, genuine way of life that lurks around every corner and leaves an unforgettable mark in your heart. 


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Alcântara Neighborhood


One of the biggest attractions of Lisbon’s historic center is its old neighborhoods, each with its own atmosphere. Famous for the many local shops and traditional restaurants, and new business recently opened, Alcântara is one of the must-see places when you travel to Lisbon. Count on our team to give you precious tips about this and other districts in the Portuguese capital.


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Lisbon is, undutably, a breathtaking city with its landscapes over the river. However, there is a century old tradition that has become the symbol of the city, of the entire country and its people – Fado. Fado is inspired from a simple yet very emotional language accompanied by the Portuguese guitar. In every corner and alley of Alfama, Bairro Alto, Madragoa or Mouraria you can listen to the song of Lisbon. Come to listen and feel it in your heart! 


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25 of April Bridge


For more than 50 years that the 25 of April Bridge makes the Portuguese capital even more beautiful. Now it is possible to know the history of this national monument from its construction to the present time through the Pillar 7 Experience. The visit finishes with a lift up to the panoramic platform located 80 meters above the river. We invite you to join us in Lisbon and appreciate these unique views with your own eyes. 


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Courses in Lisbon


At first glance, it may seem that Lisbon is not a cycling city, after all, we have 7 hills! But we also have valleys, such as the Chelas Valley, and the entire riverside front, stretching from Parque das Nações to Belém. There are more than 60 km of bicycle paths, but we highlight the 7 km route between Cais do Sodré and Belém and, at the opposite extreme, the 5 km bikeway between Vale do Silêncio Park and the modern district of Parque das Nações. And the big news is a shared bike system that is already being tested. Enjoy to know the city in an original way and be dazzled by the green areas and unique landscapes that can be found in Lisbon. We are waiting for you! 


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Rua do Poço dos Negros


There is a street in Lisbon that is becoming one of the most interesting and lively places in this city. We are talking about “Rua do Poço dos Negros”, which, in only 3 years, has changed deeply. Today, you can find here some of the best places in town to have a healthy breakfast and buy cheese or other Portuguese delicacies. If you are a tea lover, there is a shop that you simply cannot miss. All this in one of the most desirable streets of Lisbon, only a 2 minute walk from 54 Santa Catarina. We are looking forward to your visit!


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Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara


Today we introduce you to the “Miradouro” (viewpoint) of São Pedro de Alcântara. Located next to Bairro Alto, it was built in the XIX century and today is one of the must see places for travelers coming to Lisbon. We invite you to sit down on the garden benches and admire the view over the Avenue (Liberdade), Graça, the Castle, the Romanic Cathedral and Tagus River. Right next door, be sure to visit the Church and Museum of São Roque (1553) in Trindade Coelho Square. This church with an austere facade features an amazing marble interior, gilded carving and tile panels.


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