Costa da Caparica


Lisbon has a rich architectural and cultural heritage, unique monuments and museums and charming neighborhoods, but today we invite you to cross the river Tagus to the other side. Take the ferry at Cais do Sodré towards Cacilhas. Once you get there you have to decide between one of the three: or you take the bus straight to the beaches of white sand in Costa de Caparica to dive in its clear waters, or catch another bus and go to Cristo Rei Sanctuary and look at the breathtaking view over Lisbon or simply stroll along the quay and have lunch in one of the local restaurants to enjoy a good fresh fish or wonderful seafood. Tough decision, huh? 😁


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Lisbon is beautiful, it’s no secret. If you are visiting Lisbon, take the time to enjoy the riverside front. Besides its natural beauty, there are several places of leisure where you can walk or ride a bike, take a break for a coffee or just relax. If you haven’t been in Lisbon yet, come and discover these and other lovely sites that our city has to offer. We are waiting for you! 😊


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A Secret!!


here is a secret that we want to share exclusively with our fans. One of the charms of Lisbon lies in its squares. The big ones are imposing and cut our breath. Others, due to their beauty, call for a moment of contemplation. We invite you to find out which of these squares has amazing figures on the cobblestone floor. Take photos and share with us what you saw. We look forward to seeing your pics and welcoming you at 54 Santa Catarina. See you soon!


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Lx Factory


Lisbon is an incredible city and we are pleased to share with our fans the most fascinating places to see. Today we want to show you the Lx Factory. Formerly a 23,000 m2 factory complex, it is currently one of the most dynamic and cool places in the Portuguese capital with street markets, concerts, exhibitions and parties (the Open Day is a bi-annual event that takes place in May and November). Here you find the creative industries, coworking spaces, such as the Village Underground, design shops, furniture and decoration stores. It is essential a visit to the unusual book shop “Ler Devagar”, one of the most beautiful in the world. In the area of restaurants, the highlight goes to “Rio Maravilha” by the magnificent view that extends over the Tagus and the Bridge. Located in Alcântara, a short tram ride from 54 Santa Catarina, the Lx Factory is worth a visit. Mark right now in your agenda a trip to Lisbon. We will be delighted to welcome you! 🙂


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Bairro Alto


Among the oldest districts of Lisbon, stands “Bairro Alto” with its 500 years of history. It is a place of contrasts: during the day, populated by its people of different backgrounds and ages, there are old grocery stores and vintage shops opposed to modern branded stores. It is also a neighborhood devoted to art and culture: here you can visit countless galleries or go to the Theater (do Bairro). By nightfall, take the time to pause to know the beautiful terrace of “Zé dos Bois” Gallery (for more than 20 years this institution presents new talents of visual and performing arts), or listen to Fado somewhere in the neighborhood. At night is when the “Bairro”, as affectionately the locals call it, comes alive. It is a bustle of people walking up and down the streets full of bars and restaurants. Traditional Portuguese cuisine contrasts with some of the city’s most sophisticated restaurants. As for the bars, there are so many that is going to be difficult to choose. When in doubt, do as the locals do. Stay on the street talking loudly and drinking a beer until the neighbors complain. All of this is within a walking distance from our stylish apartments. What are you waiting for? 


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Lisbon elevators


In the ups and downs of the hills of Lisbon, elevators are our best friends and precious allies. The most famous elevator is Santa Justa. Built in cast iron had its opening on July 10, 1902 and aimed to connect Baixa district to Chiado. Bica Elevador (1892) connects the trendy Cais do Sodré to the bohemian Bairro Alto. On Liberdade Avenue, near Restauradores Square, there are two more elevators, one on each side of the Avenue: Glória (1885), which at the top has the beautiful belvedere of São Pedro de Alcântara, and Lavra (1884), which ends at Campo Santana. Last but not least, Castle Elevator (2013) connects Baixa and the area near the Castle. When visiting Lisbon, be sure to get to know them: enjoy the trip to rest and, at the end, contemplate the beauty of this city.


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Cais do Sodré district


Lisbon is not like New York, but there is a neighborhood in this city that never sleeps. Facing Tagus River, Cais do Sodré invites those who wake up early to a morning walk or bike ride along its banks. Next, step on to Ribeira Market where you can find the freshest fruit and vegetables and taste a Portuguese specialty – the amazing snails that are very good now (avoid them in the “R” months). When night falls, it’s time to discover the bars and nightclubs of Pink Street until the sun rises again. Come and meet the recently renovated Cais do Sodré, a few minutes walk from 54 Santa Catarina. 😊


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Alfama district


Alfama is one of the oldest districts of Lisbon and was founded by the Arabs who gave it the name “Al-hama”, which means “source of warm waters, good waters”. Here Jews, Christians and Muslims lived together. Escaped to earthquake of 1755 by being situated in the highest hill of the city. The narrow and untidy streets, the stairways and alleys of Alfama, as well as its people give it its unique character. 🙂


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Graça district


Today, we want to invite you to take tram 28, right at the door of 54 Santa Catarina, and go straight to Graça, a neighborhood of the working-class villages, where, in the 19th century, the families of the interior of the country came to live. Next to the church, you can enjoy the view overlooking the Castle and the River, stroll through the gardens and even appreciate urban art. Before finishing, we suggest a visit to Botequim Cafe, founded in 1960 by the poet and politician Natália Correia and reopened in 2010 for the delight of the locals and our fans with whom we share everything about Lisbon.


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